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3D Meetings Limiation

Hello Team,

I know that there should be a techinical issues that can’t be solved but I have some questions about the limitations of 3D meetings.

  • Is this possible to enter the meeting URL without avatars? Because we plan to invite around 100 people (no avatars joining, just watch) in the meeting URL in order for them to watch the presentation and only a few people wants to join in the same URL with avatars (speakers). If it is impossible, I would really appreciate if you could give any suggetions with regards to this issue :slight_smile:

  • Is there any way to record meeting presentation like the ZOOM and Webex meeting platforms?

Looking forward to receive your answers!

Thank you


Both are not supported in the 3D meetings. As an alternative to a 3D meeting you could use a HLS stream on a texture within a scene. Then such scene can be opened by any number of visitors, none of them has an avatar and everyone can watch the stream.

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Thank you for the reply.

For the alternative, can I use the Youtube live streaming URL with the HLS stream on a texture within a scene? or Should I use any other streaming platform?

Last time we have checked YouTube did not give access to raw HLS stream which is required for the stream to be used on a texture, but perhaps this has changed.