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3dsmax is not exported

  1. I want to ask how many polys, verts to shapepark can I export ?
  2. And if the file size is too large, is there a way to export each part?

Re 1: Although we don’t set a specific scene size limit, the recommended number is 3 million triangles at the maximum.
Please take a look for details.

Re 2: There is a way to partially export a scene from 3ds Max (by hiding undesirable objects), however Shapespark doesn’t offer any method of merging partial scenes into one, so each such export would result in a separate scene.

The Application Error communicated by the message from the screenshot is probably unrelated to the scene complexity.
If you don’t mind sharing the .max file with us (e.g. through a link sent to company email), we can take a look at the problem at hand.
The exporter plugin is on its early iteration, and there are definitely some rough edges that we still need to polish.