Active Buttons to be highlighted uninterruptedly

Hi everyone!

I just want to ask if active button be highlighted until you click on the next/other button?

Right now I can change the colors of the buttons, but I want the active buttons to have it in STEADY different color/highlight so that client would know where they are.




The reasoning behind this highlight disappearing after 3 seconds was that the user can start to navigate the scene using mouse/keyboard/touch. It is a scene and views depended for how long a view name is valid. For example, if the scene has a view named ‘Kitchen’, highlighting it when the user walks out of the kitchen into some other room could be confusing. If some other scene has a view named ‘Kitchen sink’, highlighting it after a camera turns could be confusing. Anyway, 3 seconds seemed like a reasonable solution, when the user enters the view it is highlighted to show what is visible now, but the highlight always disappears.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply. Understood your point.

I just thought maybe there is a way(in the future), like we can do this for other purpose, not just on “walkthrough”. I was actually thinking of presenting Unit types or Floors of a high-rise building. And when I’m showing a particular unit type, the button will highlight continuosly for that type.