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Add animated 3D Objects in a Shapespark scene

Hi, I would like to add some animated 3D models in a Shapespark scene. I know this will not be an easy task. Assumed I am a skilled person with a strong 3D and programming background, is there any chance to do it?
If I create a WebGL scene in Unity 3D and I want to merge it together with a Shapespark scene. Is that maybe a possible workflow?

Shapespark viewer doesn’t support animated objects, I don’t see a sensible way for adding animations on top of the viewer with custom code and the current Shapespark API.

Combining two WebGL engines is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if it would be feasible to overcome all difficulties. You could have one engine render to one canvas and the other to the second canvas positioned on top of the first one. But such two canvases won’t share dept buffer, so animated objects rendered by one engine won’t be occluded by 3D geometry rendered by the other engine.

With your programming background, perhaps using a game engine alone would be a saner option (Unity, or maybe better an engine dedicated to WebGL, like PlayCanvas or Babylon.js - web based game engines usually create smaller bundles to download and have lower memory usage than web builds created by generic engines such us Unity or Unreal)?

I am happy with your answer. Thank you for your further ideas and info’s. I hope to see animated geometries, in the Shapespark viewer, in the very near future .