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Already Purchased Subscription Plan, No Confirmation

I’ve just made a purchase for the Plus plan of monthly subscription.
I don’t get any receipt instead of postponement like this:

Why does my transaction is considered as potential fraud?

Hi @Arkan_Afif,

Paddle - our online reseller uses an automatic algorithm to prevent card owners from card frauds. We do not know the details of the algorithm, but as with all algorithms of this kind, they sometimes raise false alarms. Unfortunately, your transaction has been falsely flagged as potential fraud. Paddle team should analyze the transaction and proceed with it very shortly.

We’ve already assigned you a Plus plan - please relaunch Shapespark.

Okay, I am now be able to use the Plus feature. Thank you!

Hello @wojtek

I suddenly cannot continue using Shapespark again and it said that my subscription has expired.

And 20 hours ago I got this e-mail:

What’s going on? Do I need to remake the payment?

Hi @Arkan_Afif,

It looks that your payment has been rejected by Paddle. We’ve asked them about this and got the following response:

In order for your customer to get their product in the meantime, please advise then that false positives usually arise because of some erroneous information they have put into the checkout by mistake, and ask them to try again while double checking that the details they enter in are correct.

Could you redo the purchase?

In the meantime, we’ll grant you Plus plan access until the end of the month so that your Shapespark access is not interrupted.

Okay, I will remake the purchase