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Another set of virtual office spaces

A selection of office spaces of bigger amount we created during this year:

Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what do you think!


Excelent jobs @Kuba
some observations:
I like the details on ceiling and how you desaturate the colors in air instalations, very clever! I don´t like that you can pass through the glass partitions when you walk out from rooms.

you need to block completely the possibility to get out to the deck, put a invisible surface or some. I can pass through the little gap between glass doors!

I don´t like the backstage glimpse that you see when change between reception and breakout areas.

How do you manage big spaces whith some many chairs! The movement are so smooth in celphone! I have problems when I put 50 chairs! can you have some advice?

Nice, very nice and clean!

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Nice and clean. I really like scenes. I just think is that the door handles seem to be positioned a bit tto low.

This might help you to achieve better performance within your scenes:

@jorgearq @tim thank you for your kind words!

@jorgearq when it comes to your feedback - it was a design decision to allow passing through glass when you are inside a smaller office - users who don’t know the technology have sometimes problems with moving around in tight spaces. We didn’t want them to get stuck in there.
When it comes to other points you are definitely right!

There was put very much effort to optimize the presentations so they run smoothly on mobile and low specs devices. It mostly comes to instancing and reducing polygon count on meshes. When you create a detailed arch-viz model (or download it from some online libraries) they can be very dense. Often you have a chair model that has 200K polygons or more. The ones we create have no more than 5-10K polygons each. Presentations with optimized geometry not only run smoothly but also load much quicker.


Thanks @tim for your advices

Ok @Kuba, I got it the colision approach and thanks for your advices about number of polygons