Avatars in 3D scenes

I have two questions to ask regarding the avatars.

  1. Is this possible to change the appearance of avatars for 3D meetings?

  2. Up to how many people can join in a one scene? I read that only 10 people can talk. But I saw someone already tried it with 30 people joined in one scene.

I think it would be a great opportunity to make the scene available for as many people as possible even without their videos and audios, just avatars like a game.

These are just questions and personal opinions.

Thank you as always Shapespark!

Still waiting for any answer regarding this!

Please kindly share your experience with the 3D meetings guys!

Thank you!

No, Shapespark doesn’t support custom avatars.

Right, the participant number limit for the Plus plan and the perpetual license is 10, but if you are interested we can experimentally raise the limit to 30 for your account.

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Thank you for your answers @wojtek

We are still planning to create an exhibition scene for inviting people with their avatars.

I will definitely let you know when my account to be experimentally available with more than 30 people as you suggested.

Best regards,