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Baking issues_splotches_

Hi I am having issues when rendering this project, I have weird black splotches on one side of the building and on the other everything looks great, what could be causing this behaviour, here you have some SS:

Here are the config:

Link to the scene:

Could this be solved by increasing bounces? I cant think of another reason…I have to say The scene is heavy loaded with 2D vegetation, everything was left as previous model upgrade and previously it looked fine in medium quality…so the vegetation got me wondering…

These problems are caused by lightmap resolution that was automatically reduced to 8 to fit the scene in 2 lightmaps. To improve it you can reduce the lightmap resolution for the terrain and white buildings in the corners to some very low values, like 5. This way more lightmap space will be assigned to the main building. You can also increase the ‘Max lightmaps’ setting, but each additional lightmap will increase the scene download size and the memory required to open the model.

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Thanks for your answer, indeed, I reduced the res for the vegetation and noticed inmmediate improve

I kept reducing res for not important meshes but the splotches keep poping up…I am trying higher bounces for now…

If you want to take a look @jan

Turns out I had to increase the samples by a lot…after decreasing unnecessary lightmaps resolution meshes.

What sun strength did you use in the scene? On the second screenshot in the first post the noise pattern near the ceiling edges shows fireflies. In case of an exterior scene they are most likely caused by a too strong light source.

I have adjusted my lights and increased the samples, seems to have partially fixed the issue, might need to keep increasing the sampling.
Or is using too many lights causing this issue as well? because I have a heck ton of lights , instanced but…a lot.

Yes, this might be it. Would replace the lights with a smaller number of stronger ones work for you?

Hmm could try to reduce the number of lights. Now that we are into baking issues…what would be the explanation for this:

@Ahmed_Solis, please see this thread: Baking Lightmaps for explanation.

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