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Baking Lightmaps

Hi, I realized that when I’m start to bake my scene, the lightmap bake bar will show to baking lightmaps 1 of 2, part1 of 200 and the when baking lightmaps 2 of 2, will come out part1 of 556. I didn’t experience on my last projects. Please let me know the solutions . Thanks

Lightmaps are baked in parts, when you use Isolate shadows option for some objects. Such a high number of parts most likely means that you’re using Isolate shadows for an object that has multiple instances (eg. for an instanced leaf of some plant).

It mean that more objects on Isolate shadows the will be more parts ?

Yes, the more objects use the Isolate shadows option, the lightmap is baked in more parts.

Having many lightmap parts doesn’t necessarily mean the total baking time will increase, because no matter how many parts there are for a lightmap, a scene object is always baked only once. A few or a few dozens lightmap parts are usually fine. Only above this number summing up the initialization time to bake each part starts to be significant.

Watch out for instanced objects. If you set Isolate shadows for an object that has 100 instances, it creates 100 lightmap parts. In such a case, you can consider grouping all the instances and setting the option for the whole group.