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Can I achieve the following project with Shapespark?

Hi, I’m kinda new to shapespark and I’m still trying to figure out its maximum configuration. I would like to use the application for the following project: When you enter that specific web page, there should be 2 scenes, one below the other. The first scene should be a showroom with different products: refrigerators, chairs, other furniture etc. The texture/color of the respective objects can be modified. When you are satisfied with the object and you added the texture, click on it in order for it to appear in the second scene (the one below the scene with the showroom of the objects). Let’s say, for this case, that the second scene represents an unfurnished kitchen, only walls + floor. Ideally, the objects that appear in the second scene should be draggable in order to put the objects in the desired part of the kitchen. After the objects have been selected and placed in the “kitchen”, there should be a button that saves the names of the objects used + their texture/color in a table/form that can be downloaded together with some screenshots or with the 3d kitchen model. What parts of the above project can be achieved with shapespark? A few tutorials of what is achievable would also be very helpful. If it’s about shapespark along with another program, I would be interested as well in how to possibly integrate them.

Shapespark is a tool to create interactive 3D visualizations. It has features to change materials in the scene or select objects from pools of alternatives (all the objects must be in the scene; it is only the object visibility that changes). However, it isn’t meant as a generic 3D interior editor allowing the user to freely place objects in the interior.

So, most of the features that you enumerate are not available in Shapespark. Some of them, like interaction between two scenes, changing materials or saving material selection, could be implemented in your custom JavaScript+HTML+CSS code with the use of the Shapespark viewer JavaScript API: