Can we load editor online with custom domain?

Hello Team,

Please can we load editor online with custon domain without shapespark branding?

I dnt want my team to know on which platfrom we are working?


Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can hide Shapespark branding for scenes opened in the view mode, but you cannot hide Shapespark branding of the editor.

Team you dnt think this quite important ?

this is very much needed.


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Could you explain how someone could work with Shapespark editor without knowing this is Shapespark? How would such person access help and learn the tool?

I understand you mean maybe a possibility to make white label with the editor, you can through the api give access to your customers so they can generate or edit their own projects, it would be a function that would work quite well for my workflow.

Thank for under standing. @Christian_Maldonado

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