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Cant rename a scene

Hello everyone, we´re thrilled with Skapespark, such a powerful tool!

I´m running into one problem tho, I cant rename a Scene after finalizing it. the project changed name at from all I can see I would need to re-do the whole scene in order to rename it.


Hola @Zebra_3D_fashion
No tienes que rehacer la escena, solo tienes que ir al folder del tour que se genera dentro del folder de shapespark en tu computadora y cambiar el nombre según tu necesidad (recuerda que solo puedes escribir minúsculas y no puedes dejar espacios en blanco) luego, solo debes volver a subir tu escena y listo, tu nombre ha cambiado.


Hi @Zebra_3D_fashion
You don’t have to redo the scene, just go to the tour folder that is generated inside the shapespark folder on your computer and change the name according to your need (remember that you can only write lowercase and you can’t leave blank spaces) then, just upload your scene again and that’s it, your name has changed.