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Change sensitivity of camera


Is it possible to change the mouse sensitivity or drag sensitivity when on mobile devices?

Is there a script for it?


For a walk view changing the camera speed in the “Camera” tab will affect the gesture navigation sensitivity. For an orbit/top view it’s not possible.

your navigation function in shapespark is very well thought out and intuitive. On mobile devices i wished there will be some improvement. Its not that intuitive like on desktop.

Hello @wojtek,

I mean that the sensitivity of the camera while turning left / right needs to be faster. (not while walking).

For example, when I’m on mobile, I need to drag two-three times when I’m on portrait mode to turn 180 degree. When in landscape mode, it still feels reasonable.

I would like to alter this sensitivity and make it a little faster so that when on portait mode in mobile, it feels smooth and fast.

Thank you.

I see. In this case please add a body-end.html file to the scene directory with the following content:

  WALK.CAMERA_LOOK_SPEED = N * Math.PI / 1500;

replacing N with a number telling how many times faster (eg. 1.5 or 2) you’d like the camera to rotate in reaction to mouse or touch drag.

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Thank you @wojtek,

This is exactly what I wanted.