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Change whole model styles

We are currently working on a walk through for a client and instead of making individual changes to materials they would like to change entire styles (i.e bench top, splash back, floor colour etc. all at once).

Along with the internal styles changing, I’d want to know if it is also possible to have exterior style changes separate to interior style changes.

The options would be:

  • Interior style 1

  • Interior style 2

  • Interior style 3

  • Exterior style 1

  • Exterior style 2

  • Exterior style 3

I would like to know how this is possible as i have seen it in some example projects ??

Additionally we look to outsource this sort of work and have many projects to do. If you are experienced with shapes spark and would like to work with us also let us know.


Hi @4dco,
the general concept of creating separate stale sets in Shapespark is based on the ability to hide specific objects in the saved views. This way you can create several cameras that show you only a specific set of objects. If the objects have the same geometry they can be easily baked in parallel to others without shadow artifacts. Otherwise you can setup specific meshes to not cast shadow on other objects.

If you would need help by this project I would be happy to help. I lead a team of Shapespark professionals with long experience of work with the engine.
Here you can see some examples of our work:


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Hi 4dco!

We have implemented a number of Shapespark projects in recent years. From small apartments to a hotel and complex outdoor areas. Not only do we deliver attractive solutions, but we are also available with our experience and successful customer service.
Here you can find more information about us and some of our Shapespark projects:

I would be happy hearing from you.


Hi Tim, that’s great. Yes we would love to discuss this further. Could you please email me at

Hi Kuba. Very nice projects. Let’s talk further. Could you please email me at