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Control Speed between views, how to move slow between them??

It is posible to control the speed between views? I want to move very slow between two views but I don’t know how to do that?

Numerical control of the camera views would also be welcomed, such as numerically adjusting the light.
Maybe in the future?

You can adjust global constants that configure the view switch acceleration and maximum time:
but such changes affect all the views.

@jan Is this still the case? You have to adjust the speed globally, we’re not able to adjust it on a per-view basis?

Yes, you can only adjust the speed globally.

The code you put won’t work form me.

Could you upload the scene with this code not working and send us a link?

Sure it is Industrial Residential Concept by VectR DS

Your are using the Script extension instead of the body-end.html file to run this code. In such case you need to remove the <script> and </script> tags from the code, because the Script extension accepts only JavaScript code, without any HTML tags around it.

Sorry meant to reply, thanks that worked perfectly :+1:t4: