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Custom Domain - needs help


I would like to add a custom domain to my account. I am not super familiar with how it works though. I’d like to host my 3d spaces on my own domain: - the domain is manageable through Can anyone advise me what exactly do I have to put in “host” and “target” when adding a CNAME record? Also, on Shapspark’s page, do I have to add a “3d” before my domain?


Hi Curtis

The CNAME record has to be defined as a subdomain of your domain, so you have to choose some prefix like or Then you have to fill in the form. Host is the prefix only - eg. “3d” and target has to be “” (last dot is important). You have to wait 1h or more to propagate the change. It’s also important to add this domain on

Thanks so much Tomek! I’ll give it a try~