Dirty down-lights are dirty

So I have a number of can-lights placed throughout the space and I continue to get spots at the connecting edges where the light meets the ceiling. I’ve increased My samples and my lightmap resolution, but do I need to also increase my bounces to fix this? https://tedvitale.shapespark.com/meridian_unit_d2/

Thanks for any help you might be able to give!

So I’m experimenting some with the Flood Dark limit and Post Processing. Am I on the right track?

Yes, flood dark filter is for getting rid of these artifacts and increasing the limit should help.

These artifacts are due to pixels of the lightmap not aligning with the geometry of the down-light. This causes the darkness from below of the down-light to leak.

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Yep. Upping the flood dark filter to .15 fixed all the issues! Thanks