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Django and shapespark

Hi to all and thanks in advance for your support;

I am trying to integrate the Shapespark index template with a database and the Shapespark template is not working.

I´ve integrarte the shapespark files and I would like to integrate a conexión with the database, but in django it´s not working the rendering of the project.
This is the project.

How can I integrate all the files.

Best Regards


If you want to serve scenes from your web-service you will have to export them as “bundles”. Such bundles contain all required files and it should help in your case.

More information about self-hosting:

Hi, we have done it and we have uploaded it in our own server. The main problem is that we want to integarate a data base and we are using django and sql data base. When I integrate the html of shapespark we have the problem attached in previous message.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best Regards

It’s strange… blank page. Are there any errors in Django logs or in web browser console?