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Edit Window does not running

Many weeks ago I made this scene, in that time we work with 3 machines, every scene was upload to cloud from one machine, to do that, we change the entire file in that machine from the newest file.

I want to update that scene with water texture in pool, but I can´t open it, the editor window frozen!

What should I do to correct this?

actual upload scene The file in my computer is

try doing a bundle/upload and then click edit again, this usually fixes it for me

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Hola @kotekvirtual, Ya probé con eso y con otras cosas y no me funciona.

Hi @kotekvirtual, I already tried that and other things and it doesn’t work for me.

Could you send a problem report from the Shapespark editor so we can take a look at the log files?

I upload the scene to send it to you and that fixed the problem!!:man_shrugging:t3::slightly_smiling_face:

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