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Editor has disappeared


Just trying to amend some changes to an existing scene after changing the curtains in Sketchup, but now the editor doesnt appear. Its been working fine before but now its not appearing.

Its also not working on other scenes now that it previously worked on along with certain scenes now now loading as it cant ‘load web textures’.

Ive shut down Shapespark, restarted, turned the computer off etc. im not sure if you can help with this at all?

Many thanks

Could you share the Documents\Shapespark folders for the affected scenes, so we could take a closer look (for example by sending shared drive/WeTransfer links to

Please also send us a problem report from the “Help & Support” tab of the desktop application. Perhaps, the application logs will shed some light on the issue.

Thanks @wojtek - all sent over.


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I’ve responded to your email.

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