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Emailed Support - Estimated reply time?

Hey all,

I know the ShapeSpark team responding in the form are super switched on and reply nice and quick, I emailed an enquiry through to on Friday night (it’s now Tuesday afternoon my time.

Just curious on how long support via email takes, not complaining just looking to set a realistic expectation for myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve emailed my project as I’m not wanting to share it publicly just yet.

We respond to support emails within one business day. So, in the case of your email received on Friday evening, we should have responded on Monday. I am sorry that it’s taking us longer than expected this time. Your issue cannot be easily solved with existing Shapespark features or the public viewer API, so we need more time to analyze it. We will send you a reply today.

Thank you, I figured it would be a hard one to solve, if even possible. :slight_smile:

Take the time you need, just glad to know you guys received it and are looking into it. We will be updating the model again in about 2 hours.