Errors: It appears red

Hi Shapepsark Team!

Can you help me !
I can’t find the cause of the error when changing the material.
For example:
I have a material named “door border”:

  1. When I change it to “①スタイリッシュチェリー” it works fine (attached: ①.png)
  2. When I change to “②カイザーウォールナットLB” it appears red (attached: ②.png) ==> Do you know why?


Hi, do you have any correction settings for the problematic material’s Base color:
Such settings could cause the color to shift to red.

If not, perhaps texture compression is not handling this particular texture well. You can disable compression with the gear icon:

Uncheck the GPU compressed format checkbox:


After the GPU compressed format setting is changed you need to Upload the scene to apply the changes.

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Hi Jan !

It was working fine.
Thank you very much.