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Failed to generate web texture

Hi there,

I know this is a problem that pops up but i couldn’t find a way of fixing it myself, not sure if there is a fix you can recommend? Though when exporting from Sketchup to Shapespark using the plug in, i get the Failed to generate web texture error.

Ive attached the Sketchup file on a wetransfer. Its nothing fancy, just and example showhome.

Any help would be great to find the bad texture.

Kind regards,

If this problem occurs just for this single model, it can be some tricky texture. If it occurs for any model, the most common reason that we see is that one of the Shapespark component was blocked by an antivirus false alarm, in such case temporarily disabling antivirus and restarting Shapespark should help.

Anyway, could you send a problem report from the Shapespark application main window ‘Help & Support’ tab. The report contains program logs that will help us to identify the cause.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply. Its only for the one model so i think its just a texture, but theres a few and im not sure how to find out which is the one causing the issue!

Just sent it over. Thanks for your help.