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"failed to generate web textures"


Why does this “failed to generate web textures” error message appear?
Is it the shape of some texture in the scene? I use only .JPG and .PNG.
If there is any restriction on texture (RGB, CMYK, …) please inform me.


Could you send your local version of this scene to, so that we could take a look at it? You can find it in C:\Users\YOUR-USER\Documents\Shapespark.

The scene is simply not exported. I started it (external_01) in this email account but there are only a few days left to expire. So, in order to complete the scene, I had to create another account (vaz, email I intend to conclude it to know if the shapespark really can produce external scenes and not only internal scenes.


I see. Would it be possible to share the SketchUp file with (eg. via WeTransfer)?

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Yes. I sent yesterday

We are unable to reproduce the error on our computers. Could you send us a problem report from the Help & Support of the main Shapespark window just after you enounter this error for the next time? Please enable the Attach Shapespark logs to the report option, so that we could analyze the log files.

Thank you!

I have same problem, what can i do?

Hi @antoacq,

Could you send us a problem report in a way described in my previous post?