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FBX file materials issues

Hello I am Eri.

I have a materials problem.

If you turn on “Double-sided” with a material whose surface is inverted and invisible, it will turn black.
(The door part is mainly inverted.)
I think it’s because when I see a similar post, it shows the back side, which is not exposed to light.

Is it possible for Shapespark to solve this problem?
I would like to know if there is the best way.

I would like to fix it on the Shapespark side if possible.
Is there no choice but to modify the surface with CAD to solve it?

Best regadrs.

There is the option in the material setting to turn on Double Sided. But this is not for fixing problems of complex models in the scene. You better solve this in the cad file before importing it.

The double sided option makes sense vor leaves or glass objects.


Thank you for your reply.

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