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First art gallery + automatic tour questions

Ok so we’ve been building an art gallery pro bono for a dear friend

It’s placed in the Shapespark-reality-version of a physical venue Wanha Satama (=Old Harbour) here in Helsinki: & the plan is to now offer it also as a virtual events venue.

In the gallery, when you click on any art work the camera moves to it. These camera angles are hidden from the menu since I’d like to only cover the different halls with those items. I would however very much love to have the automatic tour to include all these hidden camera angles as well. Can that be done somehow? Also, is it possible to change the time the tour spends on different instances? We’re building a chroma studio and am planning to have panel discussions with artists broadcasted with the scene tour running in the background but the speed is way too high for that.

One cool thing we added is that when you click on the name (or in some instances the icon) of the piece, it opens up as a full-page iframe with black background.

As always, any tips & ideas on this show are highly welcomed. I’m hoping to add some text and personal stuff from the artist in there soon(ish) even though the mysticism is also appealing in its own way :smiley:


Hi @ville,

Very nice project!

I’m thinking of the high resolution image you’re displaying in the popup window.

Zooming and panning in these situations would be welcome.
Maybe a Pinterest pin should be added as well?
Or a consumer basket icon?
I am familiar with printers on the canvas, there is a risk of abuse in copies.

Best regards!

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Thanks @Vladan very good points. I’ll look into these.

The choice of an automatic tour or walk with interaction is left to the client.
The retention time of a presentation visitor is debatable but measurable with Google Analytics.
For example, if the average visitor’s tour is 6 minutes, what is more important to the exhibitors?

Very nice gallery!

The pause time in auto tour is 3 seconds, but you can change it programmatically with the following setting:


Unfortunately it is not possible to visit hidden views if auto tour. You would need to program a custom tour functionality using the switchToView and onViewSwitchDone Javascript functions: (see View switch section here: A rough idea would be to iterate through all the views directly from your code with some sleep() between views and some custom UI control to start/stop the tour.

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Ok that sounds doable. Thanks!