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Freeze camera to a single view

Is there a way to have a camera angle that the visitor won’t be able to move at all?

I’m working on a “virtual mall” for companies with different kind of spaces that they will be able to rent. The budget option would be a simple image of their choosing with sphere triggers added.

The viewer currently doesn’t expose enough options to disable all possible movements. Perhaps if you captured JavaScript events that trigger the movements, it could work. It seems a bit overkill to download the whole 3D model and use WebGL based 3D rendering just to show a single static image. Perhaps you could use a static image with some map to detect clicks in spheres? HTML supports this kind of mapping:

Thanks @jan, I will look into this. I know, it is pretty much a silly question but when the client asks…

I’m now also thinking of a “post card” kind of solution, where there is a simple room with a orbit view and a 2-sided image that the visitor could then rotate.

@ville, if its IPM /360 image that you try to create, you can create a tiny cube in your model, position at the camera to restrict its movemnt & set its material’s transparency to max in SS

@jan I was actually searching for a way to control how much zoom a user has in an orbit scene.

As opposed to Ville, I’m working on a scene that limits the user from walking (removed collision from the floor) but allows them to orbit around an invisible object, I would in this case I would like to lock the min/maxDistance to the same number.

I think it would be helpful to add these settings in the Shapespark editor, but meanwhile, is there a wat to control those values?

@jonalex There is in fact a way to completely disable movement of cameras in Shapespark. By editing scene.json file that resides in project file you can add this entries to your camera description:

  • “maxDistance” i “minDistance” for orbit and top view
  • “minSideAngle” and “maxSideAngle” - for sure works for orbit camera you could check with different camera types
  • “noPan” - either True or False.