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Getting an error in related to 'walk' when running bundled version

Hi there,

We just bundled our project, and found an error! It says ‘WALK is not definied’ in the console of whichever browser we try. It doesn’t appear to be running at all. Can’t look with the mouse or move.

Any ideas?


Hello, bundled scenes require a web server, they won’t open as a local file using the file:// protocol.

Thanks Jan. Should have realised that much. :sweat_smile:

Actually, our client is apparently still getting the same issues when hosting. Do you have any idea what might lead to this error when self-hosting on a web server?



Several users had similar problems that were caused by transferring the files to a web server using FTP ASCII mode instead of binary mode. The solution is described in this post: Help with html5 (self hosting)
Could you check if it helps in your case?

Thanks Jan, the issue was on the clients end, not copying all of the files, missing some hidden ones rather than grabbing the whole folder.


I have the same issue,can you explan it clearly?

Thank you

This issue is discussed in a new topic: Bundled scene fails to load from nginx HTTP server.