GPU BenchMarks?

Hey guys

I am looking for some benchmarks!
Considering a Nvidia GPU, currently on AMD CPU/GPU (Unless AMD Support is Close! :sweat_smile:)

The Example-Room Shapespark 2.9.1

AMD 5900X CPU (12Core)
(Draft Settings 100 Samples) Time: 03:25 (m/s)
(Medium Settings 400 Samples) Time: 11:40 (m/s)
(High Settings 800 Samples) Time: 23:08 (m/s)


I’ll play :slight_smile:
I have a laptop with: RTX 3070 TI & i9-12900H.
Scene: example-room (lightmap-resolution: 75, 8 bounces)
Baking device: OptiX
100 samples: 01:11 (min/sec)
400 samples: 03:12 (min/sec)
800 samples: 06:11 (min/sec)

I measured the time since clicking ‘bake’ until the whole process was completed.
Unfortunately my GPU slows down during long bakes, because it gets too hot :slight_smile:

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Thank you

That’s actually the card I was looking at , 3060Ti or 3070Ti
Huge time saver while playing around with lighting…

Anyone with a 3050 or 2060/1080 cards, benchmarks would be appreciated

In my case: RTX 4070 Laptop GPU & i7-13700H
Baking device: OptiX
100 samples: 01:02
400 samples: 02:18
800 samples: 03:45


Now thats just plain Wrong :sweat_smile:
Awesome Thanks