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Hard to understand the logic of this black point


I am using Sketchup and Shapespark for my project.

I can’t understand why the black point is created after I baked in Shapespark.

The textures and materials are the same with the connected wall. I can’t understand this issue.

It is twinkling when I move as well.

If anyone knows or experience this, please share your experience or solutions.

Thank you

Hi. Is the face flipped?

Not flipped and checked the ‘double sided’ as well.

It is something like an empty space at the first time as I could see through the bottom of the building.

So I deleted the square part in Sketchup and fill in with a new face with the same texture.

And now that is the result. Just blinking as an error.

Twinkling sounds like Z-fighting, as if there are two faces lying very close together or above each other.

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Here is a bit more info about Z-fighting: