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Help with html5 (self hosting)

I’m sure this is something I’ve missed in the manual etc, but has anyone experienced and resolved the issue of index.html showing the cover.jpg but nothing else? No, play button etc to start the 3d.

I’ve tried hosting on hostgator (linux apache), (linux apache), and also 1and1 (windows). I know hostgator is able to serve up gzip files by default, so I don’t think that’s the issue.


Would it be possible to give us links to your scene on these hosting services, so we could analyze HTTP responses for the scene resources?

Hi Wojtek.

Can I have your email address, I can’t share the project publicly. I think it’s a problem with the bundle, so as well as emailing you the link, i’ll also upload the files to dropbox.


Thanks to Wojtek’s help, it turns out the issue was the ftp program messing up the files.

The resolution was to upload the zipped bundle, and then unzip on the server, instead of unzipping before transfering via ftp.

Really impressive technical support.

For future reference, adding to what @Michael_Campbell has written: the solution is to transfer the files in binary mode and not text mode. The above method of unzipping on the server is one approach. Another is selecting binary transfer mode in the FTP client if the client has such an option.

Here’s how to do it in one of the more popular FTP clients - FileZilla:

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I have a localhost,and bundle the scene then unzip it ,but it still can not correct loading. “WALK is not defined”.Is there anything wrong with me?

This issue is discussed in a new topic: Bundled scene fails to load from nginx HTTP server.