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Hiding shapespark references

Hi all.

We have the plus plan, removed the shapespark logo and have set up custom domain, which removes shapespark url, which is great.

However if I look at the developer tools in the browser I can see that there are references to shapespark in the elements and resources etc.

Would I be right in thinking that this is because the file is hosted on shapespark server and therefore it is creating references to where elements are stored?

If so would self hosting remove these references?

The reason for asking the question is that I would like to have demos of the work we create up to show potential clients, but don’t want our competitors to identify how we created the experience.



Self-hosting would not reference resources from shapespark servers. However, if someone inspected the content of downloaded resources, for example minified JavaScript code, it will be possible to figure out that Shapespark was used.

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Thanks Jan,I will get a scene hosted then and see what that looks like. As ever thanks for the reply.