Horrible artefacts - please help

Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of making a virtual tour for an art gallery.

However I am finding it impossible to get it to look right.

I can bake at virtually any sample rate but still get horrible denoising artefacts and colour banding particularly in darker rooms, it’s really disheartening. Here are a couple of images:

Also here is a link to the tour in it’s current form:

Would really appreciate any help or advice once again :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Darker scenes should have lower Flood dark limit values, otherwise dark areas of a scene are affected (flooded) by this filter, which results in bending that you see. Try decreasing the Flood dark limit to for example 0.01 and run Post process again to check if it helps.

The Ambient occlusion setting that the scene uses will not have any effect if the Sky strength is set to 0.

Dark scenes are tricky for the de-noising algorithm, if you are unable to get good results, you can try baking a brighter version of the scene (for example set sky strength to 6 and bake with Ambient Occlusion enabled) and than make the scene dark by decreasing Exposure in the Camera tab. You can also have different exposure in different rooms using Camera volumes (also in the Camera tab).

Hi Jan, thanks for this. I’ll try this out and let you know if I resolve the issue(s)