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Hosting scenes on own servers


please send bundle that i can run locally


What you describe seems as if your server didn’t use the configuration file: the scene resources are returned compressed, but there is no Content-Encoding: gzip header which informs the browser that it should decompress the resources.

May I ask what hosting you are using, and what web server is used by the hosting? Could you provide us with a link to this scene on your hosting?

This bundle can be run locally on a local installation of an Apache or nginx web server.


In another thread: Showroom work in progress we discussed self-hosting with Microsoft IIS server.

We continued the discussion by email and it turned out that IIS is difficult to configure to serve already compressed resources with Content-Encoding: gzip header, because it compresses such resources the second time and browser can’t handle the result.

In such case the resources in a bundle can be uncompressed, so IIS handles the compression. For reference here is a shell script that can be used to decompresses resources in a bundle:


Hi Wojtek,

I uploaded the bundled scene. please click the link. Its showing error while loading.


Hi @Rajeev_Gaur,

We’ve just released a new version of Shapespark which, among other things, improves bundling compatibility with different Apache HTTP server setups. Could you restart Shapespark to update to the new version (1.7.0)? Then, could you bundle and upload your scene to your hosting once again?

Please, let me know if it helped.


For anyone searching this thread for IIS server self-hosting configuration tips. We finally have a config file that works with bundles as-is, without any additional decompression step:

Such IIS config will be included in bundles starting from the next release.


Please this is request send one sample bundle file.

I wait for your mail

great regards