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How to edit lightmap to clean the black bar

After bake model, the transom become black because of the roof over it. I try to edit lightmap in /img/large/std/lightmap-rgbm0.png, but it only can effect other texture except the black transom. How can I fix it? Is it wrong lightmap path?

If you want to edit lightmaps by hand you should edit their HDRI versions: lightmapN.exr, and then run post-processing. Please find more information this thread: Edit lightmap externally

However, to make the wall tops brighter the best solution is to:

  1. Extract the wall tops to a new object in the 3D modelling tool.
  2. In Shapespark, before baking, assign this new object Custom lightmap resolution of 0 in the Objects tab.

Furthermore, if you assign the wall tops a dedicated material, you will be able to easily adjust the color of the wall tops after the scene has been baked.

Thanks a lot :hugs: I will try