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How to make good quality scene with both exterior and interior

I have 2 project that
1.Only Interior scene ==> project(1)
2.Exterior and Interior ==> project(2)
I bake both project and the output are

and I have problem about the quality of project(2) that include both exterior and interior
the object and lighting are not good like the project(1) so how to fix that.


For the exterior+interior scenario, to maintain good lighting quality of the interior, you have to bake the interior with higher ligthmap resolution (for example 75 - the default), and the exterior with lower resolution (5, perhaps 10).

Group all the objects building the interior into a single group in the 3D modeling tool. Then in Shapespark, change the global Lightmap resolution in the Bake tab to 5, and use Custom lightmap resolution = 75 only for the interior group.