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How to put a personalized sound

How can I put a personal sound in the scene? I want to put a description of the place, like a little story, but I don’t know how?

Is the Audio extension suitable for this? It is added from the Viewer -> Extensions menu. It requires audio to be hosted on an external server.

Dropbox or google drive isn’t possible! I don’t have web page right now so where can I host my sound?

We need to add a way to allow audio to be uploaded together with the scene. For now you could send it to us (via wetransfer, dropbox or google drive), I’ll upload it to our hosting manually.

Thanks @Jan. Ok, wen I get ready the sound I send it to via wetransfer. I hope you can put a button to upload a sound like logo button or filter lut button.

Hi @jan, Do you know any site that has audio environments available? like youtube have them months ago?

@jorgearq we are finishing adding support for using audio files directly, starting from the next Shapespark release entering the audio URLs will no longer be needed.


Hi @jorgearq,

Do you find this website useful?