How we can hide branding 3d meeting


Please suggest how we can hide branding “shapespark” and change URL to personal page in 3d meeting.

Is there any way we can load from our url 3d meeting page, without client understand it.


Helllo, smae question???

this is quite important sometimes.

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In 3D meetings it is possible to use your own custom domain (Plus subscription is needed for it), disable the Shapespark logo in the bottom right corner and place your own logo in the upper left corner (Standard subscription).

To configure Shapespark hosting to use your own domain, follow these guide:

However, the GDPR law (European Union’s privacy protection law) requires us to state how the meeting participants’ data are collected, processed and stored, and who is responsible for it. It’s not possible and allowed to replace Shapespark Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links in the join dialog, because Shapespark is in charge of providing and operating the meetings, so Shapespark is the data controller with regards to the GDPR law.

Thanks for your reply.
Can we activate 3d meeting with bundle on our server.

This help maitain privacy.


No, it is not possible to self-host 3D meetings.