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I want to change the shape of the material picker

I am Eri.

I’m sorry if you have a similar question.

I would like to change the shape of the material picker,
Is there such a feature?
For example, I want to change from a sphere to a box.

Or are there any plans to add such features in the future?

Best regards.

Material picker doesn’t allow for such customization.

One available workaround is that you can build material picking functionality based on ‘Hide in views’ function available in the ‘Objects’ tab. Instead of replacing material, you can hide an object with one material and show an object with a new material. Then, you can use any trigger in a scene (your custom objects can also be triggers) to switch to a view that shows an object with a desired material and hides other versions of the object.

Hallo jan

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand this part.
Does that mean you have multiple identical objects stacked in the same place?

For example, if you want to switch and display 3 patterns of materials, place 3 objects and paste another material to switch the display / non-display of View.
At this time, set the View to be displayed on the object.

I understand the view hiding settings and the Change view on the Viewer tab.

Sorry to trouble you, but we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Yes, you would need to have multiple identical objects stacked in the same place.

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