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Interaction with objects?

I undestand that this petition could be a bit too much at least i think so…
but wouldnt it be nice if you could open and close doors? or open and close windows, turn on and off lights ???
hahaha just wondering :DD

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Hello. Unfortunately such dynamic scene changes are not compatible with lightmap based lighting that Shapespark uses.

Some time ago we experimented with dynamic lighting for direct illumination (not taking into account light bounces). Such lighting was computed fully in a browser, but at that time we didn’t manage to achieve satisfactory performance especially on mobile devices. At some point we would like to return to these experiments, but not in the nearest future.

So that means there will not be any animation (at least in the short term)?

@ntxdave yes, realistic animations require dynamic lighting, so shadows that are cast by animated objects are updated.

Hi Jan.

Already more than 4 weeks have passed. Any idea when interactivity will be ready? :wink:

I would just like to point out that I have customers (very important customers!) who ask exactly about these possibilities. They would like to be able to exchange furniture or door variants. That would really be an ideal complement to the already well-implemented interactive opportunities that Shapspark already offers. Maybe you can experiment with the implementation of a dynamic exposure yet again. These opportunities would give Shapespark yet another technological advantage in the market.

I don’t know how your plans are but know that all of you are quite busy. But maybe you will find some time here and there to test it again.

Thank you.

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Whish this could be done already with shapespark… could do it with Unreal Engine… but toooo much work.
anyway loving SHAPESPARK