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Is there a Problem with material Switch for Video Texture?

Hi Everyone, I am trying to switch material using Material Picker Extension from a static material to a video texture material. All looks fine in the editor window and the material switch works perfectly in the editor window. But when I open the scene in Viewer mode the material switch doesn’t look proper. I have recorded a small video to elaborate on the issue I am facing. Here is the link.

Hi @Mahesh,

Could you share a link to the scene, so we could analyze it? If the scene is private, you can send it via forum PM, or to

This is most likely an issue caused by the viewer not loading diffuse UVs for the TV. Outside of the edit mode the viewer checks if an object needs diffuse UVs and does not load them to save some memory. This check takes into account textures used by an object originally: if an object does not use any texture, diffuse UVs are not loaded. The check does not look into material picker configuration, that can cause the object to start using a texture.

To workaround this problem you could use a black texture on the TV screen instead of the solid black color. This way the diffuse UVs won’t be dropped.


Thank you so much @jan Applying a black texture solved the problem. :slightly_smiling_face: