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Labelled Link / Extension

Hi Again, sorry it seems it is my question week!

I have a 2 storey house which I have broken into groups to allow me to show views from above of each storey as a floorplan and I wanted to use the html extension to label and have as clickable link to go to the labelled rooms.

This works ok for a single storey space where the ‘label’ can be above the ceiling level and thus not visible when the ceiling is there, however I cannot find a way to make this possible with a 2 storey house as the lower storey labels are visible in the upper floor as they are not flat and cannot be hidden. Plus the upper floor ones are always visible in the lower storey floorplan view. (Hope that makes sense!)

Have i missed something or is there a way to hide the html extension ‘labels’ per view on an individual basis or maybe have them grouped / linked to geometry so it can be hidden?

Also is there any way to specify a font for the text in the html labels. I remember reading a post about this but not sure if I just wished that in my head.


These labels do not have any per view visibility setting, you can only hide them all with the ‘Hide anchors’ extension. Also font is unfortunately not configurable.

What you could do is to use 3D text with room names, added in the 3D modeling program, like Na Niby Studio did in the Floorplan view here: Such text can be hidden using the standard ‘Hide in views’ function.

[Edit June 2020]
In the Shapespark edtior Viewer tab you can then configure such 3D text to be a trigger for the Change view extension (Select ‘Object type’ as the Trigger type).

No longer necessary: The text won’t be clickable and won’t allow to switch to the rooms, but if you are willing to use the viewer JavaScript API, you can detect clicks in these texts and activate teleport. We can help with this.


Thx @jan That actually sounds like a great solution as I can then use a custom font and size, position in modelling program. (although there will be some trial & error on the positioning to match the views I guess)

Maybe even a basic plane with a png text image with transparency would work.

Just had a play also with the sprite in url extension and if the text is comprise of spaces only it does not display any text and I can make the sprite transparent so whilst the 3D text is not clickable I can add a transparent sprite above the text so if text is clicked it responds to the sprite.

Edit: Maybe this will still cause me issues with the transparent sprite in the upper floors though doh!



I’ve updated my answer, because it is no longer necessary to use JavaScript API to switch to a view when an object is clicked, everything can be configured from the editor (thanks @Vladan for pointing this).

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