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Material switching issue

Hi i dont know why this happen. when material switching

note: my uv map is correct


Hi @Dexter_Reyes, welcome to the forum.

The texture used by an alternative material has to be tiled (repeated) on your material pool cubes. For a detailed explanation please see: Textured problems and Textures corrupted after baking?.

Before baking everything works well


on my latest bake scene… some of my material shows black only

and then im wondering how come there is a texture like this on my material marble… that is a texture for my pillow

This issue is related to texture atlasing that happens when you upload or bundle a scene.

When the scene is uploaded or bundled the textures that do not tile in the scene are packed in texture atlases to make the scene size smaller. Our current implementation of texture atlasing does not work with tiling. This means that if a texture from an atlas is applied to some object by the material picker in a way that make the texture tile, it will cause visible artifacts (eg. it may show a fragment of a completely different texture).

The simplest way to overcome it is to construct your material pool such that all the textures there tile, for example by making the rectangles large enough for the tiling to happen. This way, the textures used in the pool will not be packed in texture atlases. This fragment of the extension-related video tutorial shows how to create such material pools in SketchUp:

Thanks Budy… with all your help. i fix my scene step by step…