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Maximizing Switch Object Extension

Hi, Im wondering if this idea is possible or if there are other solutions on what we want to achieve.

here’s the screenshot of our scene:

Encircled cabinets already have a switch object extension where you can open the drawers and cabinets.

Our client is requesting if we can add options or change the design of the door/frontals of the cabinets and drawer using switch objects but you can still open it.

is this possible?

If open and closed doors use the same material, you can use the mateial picker extension to change this material and the changes should apply to both open and closed versions.

Hi Jan, Thank you for your response. What I mean is the client want to use another 3d model to change the frontals/doors using switch object. It means adding another 3d model of the frontals/doors in the scene while the open and close effect remains.

I think the only way is just to create the same scene with the new frontals. it will be less complicated.

Thanks so much for your support :slight_smile: