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More statistics from cloud page

Hi, I’m wondering if we could have details from our visitors in our cloud page? :thinking: I want to know from where and who visit us? How many times some visitor come back and how many time they expend in our spaces? It is possible?

We don’t have such statistic, but I think you should be able to achieve this, for example by creating a Google Analytics account and including their tracking snippet in the body-end.html file.

Note that the content hosted on Shapespark hosting is property and responsibility of the content author. Depending on how you will configure your tracking (if you will enable tracking of personal identifiable information), you can be required by regulations such us GDPR to ask the users if they agree to such tracking.

Thans @jan, I will try with G"analitics

Hello Friend!

I use the for public metrics on my page, its a free service,you get gender information, country status, personal interests and other information.

You can embed you shapespark environment on websites, and control the access to your page by Tail Target.

Hope this helps


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Thanks @Marcio_Moraes I will try it.