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Night time proyect?

Just wondering… has anyone done a night time proyect?
Can it be done??

Hi Antonio,
I have tried this scene, it looks nighttime (almost) to me.


OOOOOO very nice @korop congratulations lokks very nice and it does look like nighttime,
i’ll try to make a complete house and see if it works.

It would definitely need more work to look good.
What would be really cool if there was an option to switch between day and night mode.
Basically bake two lightmaps and then add a toggle in the viewer.
Jan, any possibilities of adding that in the future?

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@korop Very nice night scene!

Having two lightmaps and switching between them at run-time unfortunately won’t be available in a near future.

An easy way to give a scene a night-like atmosphere without much work is to set a Color map in the Camera tab. For example, LUT_Night2.png from this collection of color maps: changes such scene:

no-lut into: lut-night2