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Normal maps in Shapespark

I wanted to ask if there is a point “add normal map support” in your ToDo list for the near future?
Hopefully yes?! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @tim,

We have in our list of ideas for future development, but unfortunately it’s not on the near future ToDo list.

Maybe you can pull it a bit forward to the top of the list? It would really help to create better models with less polys and help to achieve a better quality.

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Normal maps can be transformed to bump/height maps, so they could be used in Shapespark, after such transformation, even now.

However, the main issue is that currently roughness, metallic and bump maps influence only the dynamic lighting, based on the the light probe images, but do not influence the static baked lighting. To take full advantage of such maps we would need to extend lightmaps to include additional information about the direction of the stored light. Unfortunately this is a larger undertaking, which we won’t be able to do in the near future.

Hi @tim Maybe this help you to decomposse and mix your normal maps into bump maps

Hi @jorgearq
Thank you for sharing Substance Player. But I don’t want to convert normal maps, rather I would like to use them. They are really powerful for creating detailed surfaces without additional polys.

You are right! I understand that!

Normal maps influencing static lighting in Shapespark would be really great. It would give the quality of details a great boost!

If you can, enlarge the whole scene by 5x, lighting as well as camera speed, and reduce the shadow resolution by 5x and get more details. :wink:
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