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Object trigger doesn't work! V2.3.1

We haveSwitch object - objecttrigger doesn’t work! We have a presentation in 2 hours, but the Switch object - objecttrigger doesn’t work! Need fast help. I send you the Shapespark link as pm.
Seems like object trigger doesn’t work for all extensions.

Seems like object trigger does not work with a FOV of 50 - could you fix that? When is start a new shapespark project and set a object trigger with camera FOV 70 it work. but when i chance FOV, object trigger broken. set FOV back to 70 doesn’t help. We need a fast solution for our current project, without new baking, because we have a presentation in 2 hours.

Fix for now is to activate Collision for this objects. But i need no collision for cam, but collision for click rays :slight_smile:

For the Object type trigger to work the object need to have collisions enabled (the default). There is no option to turn off collisions just for the camera.