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Oculus experience

Hi! Could anybody share a video with an experience useing Oculus Rift and Shapespark, please?? Thx!


What kind of video are you looking for? Would you like a video capture of the main computer screen while viewing a Shapespark scene in Oculus Rift?

Actually i have not an oculus rift, so i don’t know what kind of type… but anything would help to get an idea! Maybe both :slight_smile:

This video may give you an idea how it works:

It shows how moving by means of teleport works in the VR mode. The video focuses on teleport triggered by gazing for a few seconds at a destination place, but you can also trigger a teleport instantly with a Oculus controller button.

Ok! Thank you! Could walk through the space with keyboard arrows or a joystick? Can tilt the head? Or the movement it’s just left, right, up and down?

With desktop VR headsets you can walk with keyboard arrows and mouse - it works exactly the same as in the desktop mode, however for reasons described in this post walking is not the advised method of movement.

Head position and orientation tracking is supported, so head movement, including tilt, changes the camera position.

Hi @Dardo_Mucchielli, I don’t have Oculus but I have Odyssey WMR, the principal difference between them are the external sensors, Odyssey doesn’t have external sensor trackers, the sensors are in the headset in self.

My experience using this in VR mode in pc is a mix of sensations! :thinking::smiley::pleading_face::slightly_frowning_face:

  1. You feel like you in there, really neat and inmmertion experience!
  2. You can walk until your cables (in my case) or your sensors let you.
  3. You cannot move using the VR controls
  4. You can moving on space by teleporting or using the arrow and pg-dw or pg up keys.
  5. Teleporting is a sad way to move in if you know how to move with controls in a game for example
  6. Moving with arrow keys cause nausea because you move very fast!

To see the scene with Windows Mixed Reality headsets, I simply run the scene in Edge and touch the VR button on the right down corner on the screen and the scene appears in headsets right away!

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Ok! Thank you! I will try with trinus or something similar to emulate and my iphone… (i have just a “cardobard vr”)