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Oculus Quest aktivieren

habe gerade die Testversion installiert. Bin begeistert.
Bevor ich shapespark kaufe, möchte ich die VR Ansicht mit meiner Oculus Quest 2 testen.
Bekommen aber die Meldung “Failed to enable VR Mode”. Was mache ich falsch? Gibt es zusätzliche Software zum Übertragen?

Are you using Oculus Quest 2 as a stand-alone headset, or connected to your PC through Oculus Link?

May I ask which web browser and which scene did you test it on?

I used the Oculus Quest 2 with cable. But pjan to give the headset to my customers in future and they can use without cable. I tried both google and edge. The scene name is “00_gesamt_2021_07_15”

For me the best experience from the user point of view was with firefox installed on Quest 2 (standalone device, no cable - works well especially if you’re planning on giving the device to the client). I self host - for some reason it only worked with https links (not http).


@Klaus1957, when using Oculus Link with your PC, could you try it in Firefox?